Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Altered Hat Stand

The millinery on this vintage hat had seen better days. So, removing the ol' stuff & adding some re-purposed flowers to the top started this project. The stand needed to "pop". I was gathering, collecting odds ~n~ ends waiting until I came across the right "stuff" to make the alterations. I'm wasn't sure if I found all the "stuff" I wanted to use. I didn't know what I wanted but, it all started flowing and I went with it. Some beads on the stick along with some cream colored tulle. The lace and ribbon are vintage along with the satin on the base. I used a crown for a wedding vale on the outer part of the base. The satin ribbon was wide, I cut it in half, ran long hand stitches across the top. Pulled the thread together to form a cirlcle. Making the nest look fluffy. The plum colored bird is a Christmas ornament I thought was just to pretty to pack away. I kept it in my craft room waiting to use it on just the right project. Maybe this is it. You tell me. I will be posting this on Etsy soon. Thank you and have a blessed day.

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Jim said...

I feel compelled to say aloud what a talent you have. I know that I say it to you at home, but as I look at your site, your hard work and talent makes me see you as the artist you really are.