Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wow! it's been a while since I posted anything for this great event hosted by http://diane1876.blogspot.com/. Stop by for a visit and check out all the turned around treasures. This treasure is perfect just the way I found at the local Habbitat for Humanity store. It will go perfect in the new master bedroom that is being built. A few posts back will show the mess I'm currently under with this project. I love the scene on this print. The paper was lifting off the frame, nothing a little decoupage couldn't fix. I paid $5.00 for this TREASURE. It's packed away right now due to construction but, in 6 weeks or so it's going to be part of my new French County bedroom. YEAH! Have a great week and thanks for your visit.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The TIME has come...the downstairs remodel

We have been waiting for three years and the time has come to clear out everything from downstairs, and I mean EVERYTHING!! It took me two weeks to pack it all up. Including all my goodies from my work shop. The contractor will begin demo on Monday! This new project will include a family room , master bedroom and a game room. The men here have given this project a name, one with great love, they call it "The Man Cave". We have a 16 foot storage pod sitting in the driveway it will be there for 6 weeks. Help! all my supplies and projects are packed in there. I don't know how this is going to work but, I already have some withdrawal signs. There will be more pics to follow as we move along. I'm not good at doing before & afters. I'll post and you all can be the judge. With all this madness I have also started a web site. Just a little more stress for myself. I'm learning how to add the pages and pics there. I hope to have it up and running soon. If you'd like take a peek here Whispers of Romance and Relics .
I guess I had to give up the space to the guys, I have my pastel romantic cottage things all over our house. The good thing is my husband says he will stay on track and decorate with a vintage theme. Something like a Victorian Gentlemen game room.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Oversized Glass

Wow! One day last week I was able to get out and spend the whole day hitting up all my favorite thrift stores. I came home with endless bags of great stuff. One of the pieces I found is this over sized glass. Empty it looked so sad, imagine it filled with chocolates, vintage buttons, rag balls or a nice cool drink. I had been looking for a container to hold the Christmas ornies I found a few months back. The pink ornies are vintage and they have a little pitting on them I'm not sure the blue ones are vintage but I love the combo. The tulle is a soft baby blue and the vintage pin is a pink/blue stone. This went right to my of the booth space on top of the mantle. I often think I should just spend every minute of the day in the thrift shops but, I suppose the real world awaits. Enjoy !

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Family Heirlooms

Family Heirlooms
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My Aunt Minnie had artistic talent oozing from the tips of her fingers. She could paint on canvas and on porcelain/china. She had two amazing studios in her house. One was for all the porcelain work, where she kept the kiln. The studio upstairs had several windows where all the natural light came in. This is where she painted.I enjoyed visiting her and her husband. They never had children so nieces & nephews became her children. I inherited many pieces of her art as well as some great pieces of furniture ( to be blogged about at a later time). Today I share my Aunt Minnie's PINK hand painted roses. Please enjoy them as I do. For more great talent please visit Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound. Have a blessed day.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Upside down

A recent project for my booth space. This was the top to a vintage washstand I found this minus the washstand. I asked the store owner would they sell it to me as is they said sure. My first thought was keep it in the upside down position and attach it to a wall. From there I would add a "mantel" and a few more embellishments to create a faux fireplace. That thought didn't last too long because it would have to be taken a part and customer's may not want to do all the assembling once home. Redesigning this was fairly easy. I added hangers on the back so it can be hung on a wall. Some batting, fabric and the applique from Do it Yourself Chic gives it a French Country feel. I love how it came out. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not your average clothes pegs

I have seen many versions of altered clothes pins/pegs and I love them all. I've been painting, glittering, and decoupaging 60-70 of these recently. Last spring/summer I made the same number and sold out of them all. So, I thought I would give it a try this spring/summer. After all they are displayed in my booth space from a shop on the Jersey Shore. They have many uses and yet I'm asked "what are they for?". Is it when they become cute that it changes their function? I usually say they are for hanging delicate clothes on an inside line. I added a little tag to the bunch I now have for sale giving some examples of their use. I think it's best to create and design and let the customers imagination finish the project. I hope I've sparked a few imaginations.
Thank you,

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pink Chair~~mosaic

Lately it seems my time management isn't being managed at all. I'm working Monday-Friday and spending the weekends working my little booth space. That really doesn't leave much time to work on projects. My blog has taken a back seat as well. I posted some projects here on flickr. In my mind I plan on posting a little blog daily, that just isn't happening right now. I'm lucky if I'm getting to PINK SATURDAY. Today's pink is this vintage chair I found last summer curb side during a house clean out. It just wasn't strong enough to work as a real chair. Not really knowing just what to do with it I thought I would just add some of this and that to it. I painted the chair a very pale pink added the rose decal from The Decal Cottage I just love working with the decals! The mosaic is a random pattern of pink china and stained glass. In the center of the pattern I used a Christmas ornament that says JOY. I just love how it came out! A sweet accent piece for a front porch or a garden. I wish you a very blessed week. Thank you for your visit. Please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for more pink posts.
Addendum: I've you're reading this post I think it may be by chance that you are. I think I forgot to respond to Beverly and yet I thought I did, hummm it's all about time management .