Thursday, June 25, 2009

The TIME has come...the downstairs remodel

We have been waiting for three years and the time has come to clear out everything from downstairs, and I mean EVERYTHING!! It took me two weeks to pack it all up. Including all my goodies from my work shop. The contractor will begin demo on Monday! This new project will include a family room , master bedroom and a game room. The men here have given this project a name, one with great love, they call it "The Man Cave". We have a 16 foot storage pod sitting in the driveway it will be there for 6 weeks. Help! all my supplies and projects are packed in there. I don't know how this is going to work but, I already have some withdrawal signs. There will be more pics to follow as we move along. I'm not good at doing before & afters. I'll post and you all can be the judge. With all this madness I have also started a web site. Just a little more stress for myself. I'm learning how to add the pages and pics there. I hope to have it up and running soon. If you'd like take a peek here Whispers of Romance and Relics .
I guess I had to give up the space to the guys, I have my pastel romantic cottage things all over our house. The good thing is my husband says he will stay on track and decorate with a vintage theme. Something like a Victorian Gentlemen game room.

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