Sunday, April 25, 2010

BETTER DAYS ARE>>>over the rainbow

wow! i haven't been feeling up to par lately. going back over the past 3 months it's just been one painful blurr. the passing of my dear sweet friend chris, two floods in the downstairs of our home march 15 & 30. we converted the entire downstairs into a familyroom and masterbedroom. (just finished the remodel in oct.) all the rain and snow caused many issues for homes in new jersey; floods, sump pump failure etc. with that being said we have spent the past months ripping out walls, beams & carpet. this week we are having a waterproofing system put in (french drains) then the contractor will put back the walls and we should have the carpet installed after that. i'm guessing the 3rd week of may we should have this all finished. all this has left me displaced of computer and crafting. i miss, miss, miss the action. i did manage to spend a few hours creating yesterday. it was hot and sunny i spent all day out doors. here's a little garden art to be. they aren't finished i still have to add pvc poles. i will "spike" the ends of the pvc, cut it on an angle and stick the "spiked" end in the ground. i'm adding a permanet pvc to the inside of the glass base. this section will go inside the piece that is already sticking in the ground. fun and easy project. lots of different glass pieces glued with silicone.
if you should try this project i'd love to see your creation.