Thursday, July 29, 2010

floral wreath
a quick floral wreath project. i used a foam wreath from the dollar store. the flowers are left overs from previous projects. the stems are cut down, i started from the inside and worked to the outside. i just stuck a few here and there, layered them around. i may keep this, it's in my booth space now. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Jersey Shore Whale Plays for Spectators off Point Pleasant Beach NJ

about a month ago this guy was spotted in the bay. how cool!! my algebra professor was telling us one day in class that she was by the bay when he was playing and got the awesome pleasure of seeing this beautiful animal do it's thing right here in jersey. pop over to and check out laura's whale tale.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

heya, how ya doin?  i think just about all over the united states everyone is experiencing the hot & sticky weather. it's been melt down hot here in jersey. with out getting myself to worked up over the amount of stress & sadness i've been under for the 6 months i'm just saying it out loud now, i can't take any more!! i've put it all before the Lord, that's all i can do. prayers. i'm asking for lots of 'em. please pray for my family to stop being attacked by the enemy. we need peace to blanket us. thank you. today i'm sharing a make-do-kind-of PINK saturday. computer issues still after two months of my computer being in the shop. my files were saved with the virus. a "squad" of techie type geeks backed up the virus onto the disc that had all my files, documents, etc. now i can't reinstall the disc or i will install the virus. the pics i'm sharing came from my flickr page they are random items i have at my booth. please visit beverly at how sweet the sound. check out all the other pinkies that share their pinkness too.



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

booth pics

more booth items. i've listed the whole lot on craig's list. change is good right? i keep telling myself it will all work out for the good. i've been thinking about selling at some flea markets. any suggestions? i would travel if need be. maybe 10 -15 hours. i'd love to hear your ideas.

Friday, July 9, 2010

how ya doing? here in jersey we're coming out of a very intense heat wave. 100 plus degrees in some places. it's good for the beach towns, lots of folks going to the ocean. i'm hoping the beach goers do some shopping in town. retail sales have been off, way off! i'm offering 15% off on my goodies and still no sales. what gives? oh boy! this economy needs some serious fixin'! i'm looking to sell my inventory outright, almost wholesale it. i've been looking for a buyer and will be taking an ad out on craig's list. i'm listing on etsy as well. i'm moving towards another goal, school. school has to be my main focus now. i would like a part time job (not going well, jobs are hard to come by). i will not have the time to maintain the booth space work on projects and look for the goodies needed to make the projects. somethin's~ gotta~ give! i took lots of pix last night at the shop. i'll be posting the items here from time to time. enjoy!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


GOD bless America 
and those that had the insight some 234 years ago to put forth the Declaration of Independence
hello, glad to see you here at romance and relics. 
over the past 6 months i have sort of "fallen off" from creating projects and blogging. it's not one thing it's been several. but, i'm holding on taking one day at a time. my pink saturday posts have been limited also. one factor to not posting is my computer caught a virus a few weeks back and its been in the shop. i've been using jim's lap top ( my skills on the computer are not the best and the lap top is a nightmare for me). well, enough with the chit chat. the reason you stopped by today is to catch a little PINK. 
i'm sharing this altered, ultra sweet suit case with you today. it was headed to the trash before the owner asked me if i wanted it and i had to say OK. you know that's what junkeeeesss do save unwanted stuff from the trash. i had seen a few others altered and thought i'd give it a try. i painted it out using the soft blue. then taped off the stripes and painted the pink. using graphics from karen @ the graphics fairy related to paris a "honeymoon" theme developed. decals from the decal cottage. a few stamped words. and a fleur di lis stencil.(filled with spackle, if you have never tried this give it a shot) fill a stencil with light weight spackle. let it dry remove the stencil and paint the raised stencil. i use cream paints for stenciling. i find they don't run and i have more control on the application. i also use makeup wedges when i apply the paint to my stencil project. i covered the top and bottom on the inside with decoupaged wall paper. i also made a memory board on the inside of the top. i cut an oval (used an oval shaped mirror as a pattern) piece of cardboard glued some batting to it and covered it with pretty fabric, i will be using the same fabric in my remodeled now torn apart soon to be remodeled again bedroom. we had our entire downstairs remodeled last summer. the project was completed last october. we enjoyed the space for 5 months then got hit with back to back floods from the storms in march. oh but i digress. (some of the stress around here) back to the suitcase. using bits and pieces of ribbon and faux GEMS i prettied up the memory board. here she is just waiting for a pretty bride!! hurry on over to beverly's @ how sweet the sound. she is the hostess for PINK saturday and there will be more PINK waiting for you.