Friday, July 9, 2010

how ya doing? here in jersey we're coming out of a very intense heat wave. 100 plus degrees in some places. it's good for the beach towns, lots of folks going to the ocean. i'm hoping the beach goers do some shopping in town. retail sales have been off, way off! i'm offering 15% off on my goodies and still no sales. what gives? oh boy! this economy needs some serious fixin'! i'm looking to sell my inventory outright, almost wholesale it. i've been looking for a buyer and will be taking an ad out on craig's list. i'm listing on etsy as well. i'm moving towards another goal, school. school has to be my main focus now. i would like a part time job (not going well, jobs are hard to come by). i will not have the time to maintain the booth space work on projects and look for the goodies needed to make the projects. somethin's~ gotta~ give! i took lots of pix last night at the shop. i'll be posting the items here from time to time. enjoy!


sissie said...

Hi Marie,
I know what you mean about the sales. My booth sales are down in comparison with last year and we live in a vacationing hot spot.

Customers are buying small items not the painted furniture like they were buying last year.

I hope you have luck selling your items and going back to school.
Sometimes change just has to happen
and a new start might be just what you need.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Marie, I think people are scared, and it's hot. People here are staying inside. Maybe if it cools off a little things will improve. You had beautiful things!

I'm proud of you for going back to school...


Sheila :-)