Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wow! it's been a while since I posted anything for this great event hosted by http://diane1876.blogspot.com/. Stop by for a visit and check out all the turned around treasures. This treasure is perfect just the way I found at the local Habbitat for Humanity store. It will go perfect in the new master bedroom that is being built. A few posts back will show the mess I'm currently under with this project. I love the scene on this print. The paper was lifting off the frame, nothing a little decoupage couldn't fix. I paid $5.00 for this TREASURE. It's packed away right now due to construction but, in 6 weeks or so it's going to be part of my new French County bedroom. YEAH! Have a great week and thanks for your visit.


Mary said...

Marie, I love that picture! I love romantic scences from years ago like that. It will be perfect for your FC bedroom!
Very smart of you to use decoupage to repair it. I'll store that idea in my memory.
Hope you enjoyed the gorgeous weather this weekend!

Punk Rose Journal said...

I can't believe that was $5!!! I'd say that is a treasure for sure ~ it's gorgeous! Happy weekend!