Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tie Dyed Vintage Slips

Inspiration. It seems I've been finding inspiration from all directions. I found this consignment shop that carried tie dyed vintage slips. The artist that consigned the slips is an art teacher (i think that's what the owner said). I really got a kick out of them. So, I needed to try my hands at tie dyed vintage slips. I remember making tie dyed tee shirts as a kid and thinking the shirts were very cool. Making tie dye slips would be just as cool. And they were!! This project was quick & easy. Maybe something to do with teenage girls during, oh, let's say the latest snow storm (seems like that's happening to many states tonight). Teenage girls may think this look is a little trendy. I thought the slips would look cute with a tee shirt, leggings or tights under them and, a pair of "fluffy boots"--you know the brand name type that comes in every color. If this inspires you I would love to see your interpretation. Have fun!


Susan said...

Happy Pink Saturday


Elyse said...

hi marie,

how cool!

if you get a chance, please pop over to my blog. there's a link to vote for the painted cottage in new jersey life magazine!