Saturday, March 7, 2009

A little PINK here & there

I wonder if the Victorians really used this sweet hand painted porcelain pan to brush crumbs into after their meal? Such a lovely addition to a table. Beauty and function. Now, back in the day when I was teaching my kids how to clean up after dinner, they were looking for the fastest way to get done. The thought of using such a thing would have made no sense to them. Brushing the crumbs into that pan? then dump the crumbs in the trash, NO way the best way was...brush the crumbs from the table to the floor. I guess the Victorian kids figured that out too that's way I have this hanging on my wall, it lost it's function and I get to enjoy it as a piece of art yeah!! I have it displayed with lots of pink, notice the color of my wall. Pink is one of my favorite colors. My second pink of the day is this pretty vase I found at a thrift store/antique store. It's Nippon with some damage so, I didn't pay very much for it. I added the floral ring to hide the damaged area. It's in the "tea parlor"~~ living room looking proud and PINK. Thank you for your visit. Please stop at Beverly's she makes PINK Saturday fun! Say hi to all the PINK bloggers'.

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Susan said...

Beautiful pinks! Happy Pink Saturday ~ Susan