Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some Past Projects

Past projects: Home and Shop
1930's Vanity bench
Headboard shelf
Mosaic nightstand

The best color in a can, this color white is used on most of my projects. I used Country White on all 3 pieces.
This shelf currently holds some pretties in my living room. I like to call this room my parlor. (that's the vintage soul talking). The back was once a twin size headboard. I took the headboard and frame apart, added the applique to what was the front part of the headboard, attached a new piece of pine and finished it with my favorite white.
The vanity bench was in rough shape, the velvet was worn out. The original stain was very dark. But I knew it could be redesigned to look like it belonged in someones cottage. I keep a good stock of fabric on hand and instantly knew the fabric I would be use on the bench. Cottage roses, what else. The bench found a home to a very happy customer.
The mosaic piece is the top of a vintage night sand from the '30's. I took the door off the front of this, it had a better feel without it. Painted it, did a little faux finish and some distressing. I loved the way the night stand turned out ( so did the customer).
These are just some of my projects. I love redesigning vintage furniture. I hope to keep posting projects of the shop and home. I will have some pieces available for purchasing. For now I thought I would just give some samples of my work.


The Muse said...

What creative talent! Nicely done!!!

Jim said...

After 3 years of watching you re-invent your talents and gifts, I am still in awe of what you see in "trash" & "curbies" and how you bring them to life. I know you will succeed in your art. - The Husband :)