Friday, January 16, 2009

The FORCE is not WITH me

I've been working on opening my own store but, the forces aren't with me. I started a co-op 5 years ago. My daughter was in college and my son was a senior in high school. My children had always been the center of my focus. As a single mom since they were both very young this seemed to be the right time for my little dream to unfold.
I Resigned form my job, sold my house, invested my proceeds, kept a little of the proceeds for the co-op. Things changed during the two years I was pushing forward with the business and, most importantly becoming a business woman. I remarried and had to go back to work at my real career. Nursing. I am not happy anymore in my career field. I've been a nurse for 16 years. I'm very burnt out. That was the reason for the big push towards the co-op/retail space/business woman.
I needed an outlet for the "creative" side of me that was really aching to get out. I've always been a creator/crafter, do-it-youselfer. I just didn't have any real time for all that when my children were younger. Most of my free time was spent with the kids and their activities.
I've been married almost 3 years moved away from the town where I raised the kids. The same town where the co-op is. I stopped working full time in May. I found another co-op ran by the sweetest lady. Within the co-op is a tea room (great for business). I did well during the summer. Creating, painting furniture, etc. When the economy crashed everything came to a stand still. SO, I'm going back to work full time, yet again! When the economy gets better I'll give the brick & mortar another try. For now I'm going to learn the land of blog, etsy and maybe dare I say it a web site.
Have a very blessed day

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Dawnie said...

HELLO! Your little life story sounds so similar to mine. I to want to resign from the day to day 40 hr work week OUT of the home. I recently started my little body care business and still am trying to figure out the best way to market it. Etsey--???? maybe.

I love being home--its just to bad our economy forces us out the doors. This is surely a good time to trust God to help us with our hearts desire isnt it?