Sunday, August 8, 2010

i would like to become a travelin' flea vendor

i'm looking to take my treasures on the road. ya know, a travelin' treasure trailer show. when i close my booth space at the end of september i would like to do the flea market circuit. here in jersey we have golden nugget flea market in lambertville, columbus on rt 202 in columbus, nj and i'm sure a few more i need to look into. but, something keeps telling me to expand beyond this area. i often feel that jersey just isn't the right place to buy or sell the recycled, re-purposed & reused goodies. i'm asking for a a quick education. should anyone have information/knowledge regarding vendor space at other flea markets let me know. thanks!!


Elyse said...

hi marie,

sounds busy and fun. i have no wisdom to share on this but i always think jersey has such great shopping.


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...
This is the link to the largest flea market in the Pocono 's. It is on Rt. 209 in Marshall's Creek and is a big tourist attraction. Will you be coming to Belvidere, N.J.?

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Marie.

Thank you for visiting my this week and leaving such kind words.

I have no knowledge as a vendor...just love shopping them. I think there is one in Leesbrug, VA twice a year that is great and fits your items to sell.

Wishing you a great Thursday!