Thursday, August 12, 2010

bloom where you are planted

i know i'm a late bloomer. i bloomed late on the blogging scene, january it will be 2 years for me here. i love it. i must be honest i enjoy visiting all the lovely blogs a tad more then i do writing, i guess it's just my lack of skills on the computer. i get myself somewhat frustrated, and the digital camera, let's just say i take more pictures of my hands, fingers & feet well, you get what i'm saying. but, i just keep going. doing it all at my own pace. i view my blog and those i read as an extension of my hobby. crafting & art go hand in hand with blogging, i mean what did everyone do with their creations before the internet? we all what to share our designs and pass along the "how to's. yippee ya hooey for the net and blogging. there's something to be said for late bloomer's, by the time we get to "doin it" pretty much all the how to's are out and everything is perfected. i've had weeks to practice, in between college classes and still cleaning & fixin' up from our flood (back in march) i think i got the technique down for fabric ROSETTES, POCKET PILLOWS, and BURLAP oh and flower pins with scraps of lace, vintage appliques and jewelry. i'd like to share a few of my latest projects with you let me know what you all think?


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