Saturday, June 26, 2010


 i know it's never too late to do what makes your heart sing. i've been singing loud and proud for the past 5 years. i'm following my crafty heart but, the logical brain has to continually pull back the crafty heart. going back to my childhood i was always crafting something. mostly crochet work. i taught myself how to crochet when i was 10. soon after that i learned how to read patterns. i made blankets by the bunches (my family was always warm). i took sewing and arts & crafts classes in high school. i loved every minute of the class and the free style designs we had as projects. i don't generally use the word REGRET in my vocabulary. i have to say now, i regret not exploring the creative self more 30 years ago.
 i was married at 21 had my daughter at 22, my son at 24 and divorced at 26. WOW. i was a stay at home mom back then. crafting and creating when ever i could. after i got divorced i had to go to work full time and put together a career. i became a licensed practical nurse and for the next 17 years worked in the field of nursing. i purchased a little 1800's cottage ( it was a fixer upper) in atlantic highlands, nj. i raised my children there. decorating really wasn't in my budget. thrift shops, yard sales & consignment shops became my main source for adding the country/victorian decor i love. i was doing a shabby-chic and didn't know anything about rachel ashwell . my creative side flared up only to decorate the house, i had no time for all the "hands on" crafting i was aching to do.
 fast forward to 2005 jim asked me to marry him. it was a long time coming. we met in 1997 and dated for 3 years. by the end of 2000 the relationship wasn't going in a positive direction and we parted. july 1 we will be married 4 years. it hasn't been easy blending two families. working full time, sometimes part time and sometimes not at all. when i wasn't working i was focusing on the shop. falling short for some reason or another has left me more then frustrated.
 i've made a few choices over the past 3 months. first i stopped working full time, i've returned to college, summer classes then full time in the fall. i'm making a professional career change. i'm hoping to use my 17 years of nursing experience along with my new degree in art therapy/recreation. this is something i have to do just in case. i will have to give up my booth space after the summer ( i sure hope i sell out i don't want to put all my stuff in storage). i'm still working on projects as time allows. i'm sharing a few with you all. i hope you enjoy them. first is a vintage mirror redesign. we live on the jersey shore, i try to do projects with shells. many customers are on vacation and they want the beachy look back home. i did a shell mosaic on the outside of the mirror. i think it turned out great. next up, a vintage tea pot. what does one do with a tea pot missing the lid. mmmmmmm pin cushion. easy redo. a styrofoam ball, batting and some pretties. glued with weld-bond. the little urn redo is metal. i hit it up with some spray paint. cute. i cut a piece of fabric and stuffed it with batting. glued it with weld-bond. lastly 3 vintage plates and a few candle sticks (new) glued all up with weld-bond. they make a pretty 3 tier dessert server. (weld-bond is great and it dries clear. i get mine at a stained glass wholesaler. i've also found it at a.c. moore)


until the next time.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Marie, I wish you all the best in your career shift. That sounds like something that would be perfect for you, using your talent to help others! And I love the pretty things you made. Great job! :-)

Happy Sunday to you, sweet friend...


Sheila :-)

vintagesue said...

hi marie...i'm there in limbo land too!!! good luck with your new career shift. i guess it's never too late to try something new. i've gone thru a million changes being the spouse of a soldier. work here. no work here. work for myself. now i'm not working and i miss it, but i do have young kids, so i guess it will all work out. one thing is for sure though....
i have ALWAYS found the time to do something creative along the way. that is one thing that keeps my life consistent.
good luck. you have loads of talent. you will do great!

Elyse said...

hi marie,

your art is lovely -- i especially like the mirror -- it's fabulous!

i love ocean city and cape may. i've probably said that a bunch of times. i think the periwinkle sunsets over the shore are amazing. enjoy!


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

I can so relate!! I too have crafted my whole life but have had to work full time as an RN for 32 years!! Now, don't get me wrong, I am paid quite well and have excellent benefits but is it my heart's desire??? Not really as my mother made me go to school as a nurse since my sister was a nurse!!
It was a bout of cancer that allowed me to find the courage to actually sell my crafts!!
I applaud you for pursuing a new career!! I would love to but I am stuck in mine because I cannot go anywhere else or do anything else that would pay me what I get paid with 32 years seniority!
But I am a firm believer in what will be, will be! I have just rented a space at a shop and we will see how it goes until the end of the year.
I wish you luck and joy in your new career and I hope your shop does well this summer!!