Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Treasures that Inspire

I've only been blogging for a little over a month. My intentions are to meet people from all over and empower myself with technology. I hope to use my blog for personal use as well as promoting the start of my on line business. It seems to be working in both instances. I sold my sweet valentine tussie mussie over the weekend...and it's going to a customer on the west coast. I'm very pleased. I've also had a little make over on my blog. I love how it turned out. Karen @http://www.backgroundfairy.com/ did an amazing job. Thanks again Karen.

It's Trash to Treasure Tuesday and today I have this old window that a very talented friend of mine painted. We once rented space in the same shop. When I saw this window in her booth it was really calling my name. It became the inspiration in my...get this, bathroom. Yup, my husband says "we have more furniture in this bathroom then I had in my apartment". (the other pieces of furniture I'll save for another post). Poor guy, I push all this fluff & frou frou at him. He's really a great man. Thanks JIM! Well, my friend Nancy has since moved on. Her real love is her awesome prim/folk dolls, stop by and visit her she would love the company.http://ntdolls.blogspot.com/. Please make sure to visit Diane @ http://diane1876.blogspot.com/ for more trash to treasure tuesday.

Have a great day


NOTE*** I forgot that Diane would not be availabel today for Trash to Treasure Tuesday. Sorry. See you next Tuesday.


ann said...

Did I miss an e-mail?Where is Diane?Oops.I'm so sorry,I am Ann from lifeatannsplace.I thought I was going crazy.It felt like the twilight zone.I have cked 5 or 6 people.You and I including Diane are the only---------ones doing it today so far that i have found....ann

Ruthie said...

What a beautiful blog!
Enjoyed my visit. And your title is really neat, also - invites people to come and see your blog.

Fleur de Bee said...

Hi Marie! I really love your blog! I also love all your ideas and look forward to some back reading! I am doing a giveaway tomorrow so be sure to sign up! I will say hello more on Etsy Cottage Style Ning.

xo Molly