Monday, September 5, 2011

i'm still around. holding on by a thin thread. there has been so much upsetment in my life for a very long time. i'm so DONE. a new season is coming! i try to stay creative. it's the best therapy!!! i'm sharing a simple re-do with you today. this mirror is plastic. very 1970's when i found it at the thrift shop. i used annie sloan paint. a little graphite and old white. dry brush!! saved time on the distressing areas. i really like annie's paint and i have a stockist only 30 mins from where i live which makes it very easy for picking up my supplies.

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sissie said...

Hi Marie,
Sorry that you are having some difficult days in your life, just remember that "this too shall pass."

I hope that brighter days are ahead.

Love the mirror, looks so pretty.