Thursday, August 18, 2011

When the Bottom falls off

 HEEEEEELLLLLLLLLOOOOOO!!! just a quick show & tell. this very old desk top was all i could salvage from an 1860's secretary. the bottom half has rotting off the hinges. sorry i didn't do a before pic. it has been hit & miss for me and projects for a long time. i found her yellow, now shes looking gray/white. i mixed & mixed, something like witches brew, a pinch of this and a dab of that. mix, mix, stir, stir and lots of re-do's. when i got the right color i used a glaze and minwax paste. i may have to re-do her because she still has the "old" smell. she's sitting in the garage waiting for her final fate. a coat of primer/sealer and start all over? eeeeekkkkkk not sure if i'm up for that. well, she looks good in the pics.
have a blessed day

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Anonymous said...

Your cabinet looks cute! I am glad you salvaged it. I have a story. We bought an old store cabinet-- that was 9 foot long from an auction a few years back. It had been in an old barn and the man had passed away like 7 years before the auction. It had been housing coons/possums and mice??--and ohhhh the smell----and ohhhh the poops. We took it to a car wash-- on our trailer and hosed it down and scrubbed it clean. We put it out in our garage and every time I would walk out there I about gagged! The smell would not go away. So we took it out on a very hot day (like 90) I scrubbed every bit of it with bleach in and out-- left the doors open to dry in the sun. (it attracted flies! NASTY!) So we took it in the garage a 2nd time. It was so much better but still stunk some. So my hubby heard that at crime scenes they use regular mint listerine to remove smells-- and if it worked for that-- well then we should try it on the stinky cabinet. So we put bowls of listerine in the cabinet and shut the doors and just left it for awhile and the smell left. I just thought I would share that lovely story with you! ;) Jodi