Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A PAcked FaNNy ReVEal

i'd like to introduce Lila Mae. WHO?? my new mannequin design. she started to morph back in march. then we had the 2 floods here. at the time Lila Mae was without a name and only had on a few pieces of her vintage trousseau. she was packed away for a few months during the clean up, about 3 weeks ago i pulled her out of storage. a lady she is, and a lady should always be properly dressed (poor thing was half naked).
now she will always stay clothed. i permanently attached all her garments. sewed & glued. (i do have a few pieces to tweak and maybe add a few extra pretties). her sweet little vintage/victorian inspired dress is something like a DR. FRANKENSTEIN experiment, i say it in the most loving manner. the whole dress is bits and pieces of vintage this~~n~~that's. the bodice is from a 1950's dress, the bustle in the front is a vintage half slip. her skirt is pieced together with satin and some scraps of material from other projects. most of the lace is vintage. her lace collar is my favorite. found it at the thrift store. i think that's the day i started getting inspired to create her. the beaded collar is pearls, love it! of course her fanny is packed. this girl really got back! lots of ruffles, all different types of fabrics. i just love her FANNY! i hope you all enjoy her. i was hoping to get her over to my booth space. i don't think that's such a good idea now since i have everything marked down 50%. she'll probably head on over to etsy. i'm also considering taking her to a few craft shows. we'll see!



Doni said...

Marie! What a gorgeous job! You should be a dressmaker! I love the neckline...so beautiful. I'm so glad you pulled her out and she has a new life! Well done!
Blessings, Doni

sissie said...

Hi Marie!
Baby's got back for sure! LOL!
I'm lovin all the ruffles, yeah baby!
You did a wonderful job creating her and all those vintage pieces of this and that look great.


Lora said...

She's very pretty. I bet you had a lot of fun putting her together. Great job!