Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ring bearer pillow collage

i found this pillow at a thrift shop, it had some "age" to it. i thought ok, i can do something with this(why is it that whatever i find junkin' i always say "i can do somethin' with this") then a conversation between me & myself takes place. and i always seem to convince me & myself that the cast offs do need a new home and an upcycled life. they may sit around my craft room awhile, i move them from one place to another just trying to connect further with them. ummm, yes my family thinks i've lost all my marbles. haha, and you may too, it's ok. i take them out and look at them from various angles, hummm and hahhh and say ok, someday you'll be this...or that. and so new beginnings start with a puff of inspriration, transformation takes place and before i know it things happen. an old pillow that once was used by a cute little cherub to take on the awesome responsibility of carring the rings to the bride & groom becomes a little piece of art. creating new life for any of the cast offs i find at my favorite junkin' spots is worth the debate that takes place between me & myself after all it's a win, win conversation isn't it?
taking this pillow to a new level i did a tea stain, coffee stain soak on the pillow. when that didn't work so well i switched to coffee (left over from the mornings' brew) in a squirt bottle. worked better! buttons & lace, a watch face & a cross (i don't think it's visible in the pics but, it's next to the flowers) a few other odds~n~ends that came from sue at junkinlady.blogspot.com she sells treasure boxes packed with the greatest trinkets and well...i guess you're going to have to find out what's inside box #1, #2 or #3 for yourself.
the bride image came from karen @graphicsfairy.
karen put together

 pay her a visit and find out how to do some braggin'. sorry about the pictures they're not the best, i'm working on my photo taking skills as well as my computer/techie skills. everyone have a blessed thanksgiving now i'm off to the grocery store since we havent picked our fall harvest from the back yard.


Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

This is beautiful Marie!! I love how you used the "Something Old..." quote on this. How lovely that you gave this pretty piece a new even prettier life! Thanks for playing along for "Brag Monday".

Miss Rhea said...

That is really pretty !!! Thank you SO much for your sweet comments on my Blog. It truly just awe's me, the kindness of others :) You are very sweet :) I love your Banner !! eeek, it is so sweet !! I hope that your Thanksgiving is Wonderful !! Happy Belated Pink Saturday !!

vintagesue said...

i love it. see...we are alike!! your pillow is adorable...and i do the same thing you do. i walk around with little bits of this and that and wonder what to do with it. i dream about it. i pile stuff up. i look at it. i put it away. i take it out. i put it away. i take it out. i reinvent. i repurpose. i see the beauty in something completely cast off.
i'm with you.....i am!! my family thinks i am crazy too. lol.
it's worth it all because now you have a very sweet little collage pillow that you can feel proud of!!!
happy thanksgiving....thanks for sharing.

sissie said...

Your pillow turned out really sweet. So many times I would pass up these little pillows thinking what could I do with it. Now I know. Thanks for showing us how pretty it can be.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I think that's a very meaningful group of objects to add to the pillow, Marie. That's neat to know where they came from, too. Thanks for that heads up. It is now so special, and I know you must really enjoy having it in your home. I like to think outside the box, too!


Sheila :-)