Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Making Up For Lost Time

i've mentioned a few times that i hadn't been doing much creating due to construction. most of my supplies  were packed in the storage unit, and everything here was upside down. we are getting back to normal and little by little i've unpacked everything and found a home for most of my stuff. this is what happens when displaced crafters have been away from creating. the kitchen is taking a beating. my new workspace needs a floor and a few minor touch ups. i'm thinking after the new year i'll feel up to finishing it. for now i pull everything out and the kitchen looks like this for days, and my family readjusts, we eat on snack trays in the familyroom. they know it's helping the cause.

i'm pleased with the way this vintage tussie mussie looks. i added a few vintage pieces on it, the angel is a pre-made tag and the pin behind her head makes it pop.

redesigned vignette on top of the china cabinet in my livingroom.
i have seen the work of others that do an outstanding job on their photo frames. they inspire, and so here's my hands at something they have perfected. i have created a few of these frames but, this is my favorite. a lot of vintage jewerly and some vintage buttons, bling! bling!. i'll be taking the tussie mussie and the frame to my booth today, i asked if the frame could go in the window at the store, diana said sure. thanks diana. the mess in the kitchen is put away, the kitchen table was used for a meal last night! all is well for now...

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Charming post! Love the tussie and the bling!