Monday, October 26, 2009

OCD sometimes it's just there

OK, i have diagnosed myself. i know 100% for sure i have OCD. i just spent 2 hours "fixing" my old posts where i used the free signature generator. something happened and my name didn't come up on many posts. i think this happened a few months ago when blogger changed it's format. or i did something WRONG, i'm "techie" challenged. so, as my husband & son watched the yankees in the play offs i corrected at least 50 posts. whats wrong with me? i could have been doing something much better like matching socks, putting all the clothes away in alphabetical order. (not really lol) but, before i spent 2 hours "fixing" old posts i spent 2 hours creating the new closing and signature using my photo shop software and photobucket. i guess all is not lost. all this from someone who is challenged with applications on the computer. take care


Lisa @ akawest said...

Sometimes you do what ya gotta do!!!

Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...

I tend to get ocd when I'm stressed. I like to sweep or vacuum. Cleaning when stressed works. I just wish I would clean as well on a daily basis. Perhaps when you get a chance you can teach me how to use signatures at the end of posts. I just wanted to thank you for your kind words about My Papa. Thank you sweetness!

vintagesue said...

only 2 hours??? that isn't OCD, that is responsibility. who puts socks away? we just let them pile up in a corner and pick them up from there...that way we all have much more time to do fun stuff!!
you post made me laugh and your blog is adorable.

Regina said...

Lovely. Happy PS. Enjoy the weekend.

Mary said...

Marie, you made me smile. Computer work, no matter how manically untaken is not a symtom of OCD. Matching socks is :-). Have a wonderful Pink Saturday.