Saturday, October 10, 2009

Family Room Remodel and the 58" screen TV

June 29 started a very long and stressful remodel project on our 3 bedroom ranch. Thats when the demo began downstairs a much needed and a long overdue project for our family. Jim and I have a total of 4 young adult children all but 1 live with us. We're a blended family and at times under go alot of adjusting.This remodel being one of those adjusting TIMES. The project has given us a large family room and a master bedroom. The finial insepection was two weeks ago and little by little the new space is coming together. I will be doing a limited amout of the decorating in the family it seems all my Romance ~n~ Relics with shades of pinks, greens & white will take on a more masucline LOOK. My husband would like to compliment my love of vintage and create an English Gentlemen's parlor for the family room. We haven't started any decorating but, this is the plan. So, the "parlor look" will start off slow adding pieces a little at a time. For now we're using borrowed furniture, and oh yeah enjoying the 58" flat screen TV. I don't think the Victorian's used 58" screen TV's mmmmmmmmmm what happened, what did I miss, how did he slip that thing in there? I  posted before pictures on a previous blog maybe back in June. And of course here are the afters. Thanks and have a blessed day.

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