Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a SliPPed SHaDe

i'm not sure when or where i found this vintage slip with beautiful pink & white lace. The beautiful crinoline is in perfect condition. i can't imagine this gorgeous vintage slip being used UNDER anything. it came home with me. it sat around but, in view waiting for "that moment". the moment of inspiration struck. that moment developed into this. a slipped shade.
i used a piece of vintage trim (the silver with the white beads) and other pieces of trim from past projects. so here's how she came to be:

1.  i had the old lamp frame, (the fabric on it was gross, i rip it off the minute i found it). the frame sat around waiting for the right time to be re-dressed.
2. i left the slip intact, slipped it over the frame, (because it is a SLIP hehee) glued the waist to the top of the frame. easy (i used hot glue, a few glue burns no big deal when you get this sweetness as a result) if i make another, i will not use hot glue just because it's a glue as you go project, slow and steady with a need for a third hand at times.
3.  after it was all dressed i then added the trim--bling again gluing and burning my fingers. i left it very simple after the trim was added not much more needed, right? very easy this project took an hour, well maybe a little more due to the first aid needed for the fingers.
whatcha think of my SLippED ShaDE?

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