Thursday, August 18, 2011

When the Bottom falls off

 HEEEEEELLLLLLLLLOOOOOO!!! just a quick show & tell. this very old desk top was all i could salvage from an 1860's secretary. the bottom half has rotting off the hinges. sorry i didn't do a before pic. it has been hit & miss for me and projects for a long time. i found her yellow, now shes looking gray/white. i mixed & mixed, something like witches brew, a pinch of this and a dab of that. mix, mix, stir, stir and lots of re-do's. when i got the right color i used a glaze and minwax paste. i may have to re-do her because she still has the "old" smell. she's sitting in the garage waiting for her final fate. a coat of primer/sealer and start all over? eeeeekkkkkk not sure if i'm up for that. well, she looks good in the pics.
have a blessed day