Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day...My son soon to be a Marine

 my son robert john (rj) is leaving for the marine corps (june 6) reserve with a vision of becoming an officer.  rj graduated college two years ago with an undergrad in business. he just hasn't felt "settled" this i know because i'm the mom. i've seen the "i can't find my nitch" look on his face over the past two years. he's turned over many ideas; the peace corps and other branches of the military. he likes to be challenged, maybe even an adrenaline junkie. i'm proud of him for making this choice. he will be an amazing marine this i know because i'm the mom. he has strong leadership skills. in high school he was the captain of the football team, he was on the student council, he played in the school band, he was involved and always wanted to make a difference. i can say he will be a great officer and a gentleman (sorry richard gere). he will make a difference!!!!
this past weekend he's buddies gave him a surprise going away party. it was a great success. lots of food & friends. amen!! two of rj's friends from his work made the cake & cupcakes. just look at the detail awesome job girls!!!
 in honor of all who have served and those that continue to keep us free may GOD BLESS ALL of the United States Military and God bless Robert John
blessings Marie

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Glad to hear the your son is proud to become a marine someday! I wish him good luck!