Monday, February 28, 2011

just saying...i miss it all. still not 100% because the bad gets worse and well the worst is killing me.

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Miss Rhea said...

It is like learning to live again without the use of a limb. Draw unto Our Lord, and read Isaiah 54.5. I wrote that verse out and pasted it onto my fridge during my divorce. I TRULY enjoyed my time alone with The Most High. You will only get a few times in your life like that, where it is just YOU and our God. Embrace it, read your Bible and prepare to be Loved like you have never been loved before. I say this as a Sister in Christ. My Divorce was one of the most painful things I ever went through, and some days I had to literally take it hour by hour as I wasn't sure I would get through a day. But looking back, it was one of those times also that I was closest to Heaven, and to God. And like Job, not only did He restore my life but He gave me Double, with the wonderful Christian Hubby I have now. I am sending you hugs and prayers and hope that you are on the other side of this SOON sweet girl :) If you need to talk to someone who knows, please email me any time, k ? Much Love :) :) :)