Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's not easy...but i'm getting my groove back

things are starting to "feel" normal here. i use normal in a not so normal way. my husband and i have separated. it's been almost 3 months now. my emotions have read like a road map. but, i am feeling "better" the "blues" are becoming pink, white & other great colors. i've had the bug. the bug to create. create and nest!!!!! i think they are great therapeutic feelings!! i'm sharing a few today. i will get back to the blog soon also. i'm getting back into my nursing career. i'm working in the area of hospice care. giving one on one care and dignity to my patients is very important to me, hospice care gives all that. i've added a few items to etsy, creating, nesting and caring all get emotions!!!!
blessings to all



The Quintessential Magpie said...

I'm so glad to hear from you, Marie, and I'm glad you are doing better. Hope the New Year brings you blessings abundant, particularly for the blessing you are to your patients and their families.


Sheila :-)

Miss Rhea said...

I have been through this twice and it is like losing a limb. And you have to relearn life without that limb, while dealing with the pain of losing it. Let me say, and I pray I don't offend or minimize, but your life from here on out will hold Joys you could never have imagined. Look Up and know that there is a plan and a purpose for this and that Our Lord has you in His arms and you will NEVER be alone. He cal heal ALL, no matter how bad or awful. Whether he restores your marriage ( and He can ) or brings you someone new, He has you in His arms and wont drop you. Sorry for preaching, nothing worse than a preachy Christian, but it was this knowledge that got me through TWICE , and saved my life. There were days I just hung on by a thread. It sounds SO cliche for people to talk about your future when getting through the day is your biggest challenge. But, THERE IS a wonderful future for you. I am free to talk anytime you need, ok ? Just email me, or I can give you my number. You aren't alone and it will be ok. I PROMISE. And Yay for you, you are already doing great !!! Keep doing what you do and create as much as you can right now as it is very cathartic. Sending you HUGE hugs, and know my heart is broken for you, xoxoxo

sissie said...

Hi Marie,
I'm so glad that you are getting "your groove back." Here's wishing you a wonderful new year.


Betzie said...

Hi Marie!
Keep seeing pinks and keep the faith! I've been seeing blues lately too but for different reasons...two aging parents that have become my it goes.
Love your creations, our sanity savers! Take care!