Saturday, January 30, 2010

JUst PInk

happy pink saturday! i looked in my computer files and i realized most of the pictures i have i've used.hmmm, that tells me one thing, i need to create more, hit the thrift stores more and learn how to use my photo shop soft ware. if i knew the techie ins & outs of the altering soft ware i could turn something NOT pink into PINK. i struggle with photo shop. every once in a while i take a fairly good picture and use flickr to add some special effetcs. this picture is of some odds & ends i picked up a few months ago while thrifting. all the goodies just sprawled across the dining room table looked interesting. i guess it was a good moment the lighting was right and my eye/hand coordination was working together. i took the picture and thought ok nice, and just kept it in the file. looking for something to share for PINK saturday this is what i came up. hope you enjoy and thanks so much for your visit. have a blessed week, please visit beverly @ how sweet the sound she really does an amazing job with all of the PINK for this fun event.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

altered vintage thread spool

i will be adding these to my web site a few are already on etsy.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


wedding cake topper circa 1950's ?.
the following items will be available on my etsy and web site.
altered christmas ornaments ready for a sweet valentine.
altered milk glass candle holder

a few silver pieces. i love this pitcher

Monday, January 25, 2010

sEEin' ReD foR thE LOVE of It

i will be adding these two lovely vingage items to my web site.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


today i have a few pretty pinks to share. my computer was acting up last night, this morning the plumber is here doing work (not on the computer). everytime i sat down to get my post together it seemed like something else was going wrong. well, short and sweet & a little late, here i go. the hand painted roses on this lamp are the prettiest shade of pink. love it! the tin may not be vintage but, the shade and pattern got me at TAKE ME HOME!.

beverly is the host of pink saturday please visit her, she really makes all this pink come together.
thank you for your visit come back again and have a blessed week.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


what's wrong with new jersey? well, her taxes are out of control, the highest in the country. her politics need to be cleaned up some. i can tolerate all that nonsense, but, i really have a problem with the fact we don't have a HOBBY LOBBY STORE in this state. i've read about hobby lobby from so many other bloggers that it got me wondering, just where does a crafter in jersey go to find a hobby lobby. it didn't take long to find the answer. i went right to the hobby lobby web site. girls on the jersey shore (central jersey) would need to travel 73 miles from home for the nearest one (easton, pa). wow!! i think i need to write my congressman. i'm a crafter in need of the hobby lobby experience. all you ladies that have the honor of shopping at hobby lobby really don't know how good you have it. here in jersey we have a.c. moore or micheal's. what's up? really let's send some hobby lobby vibes to jersey. the next time your shopping think of us. ask the manager how does one help the girls in jersey get a hobby lobby in their neighborhood. there seems to be 15 other states missing out on the hobby lobby experience. i think it's time to take up arms and declare some type of protest. or do i plan a day 73 miles (one way) away from home?

There are currently 434 stores in 35 states. Find a Hobby Lobby store near

Sunday, January 17, 2010

tulle wreath project

i have a little project to share with you should you feel like crafting. this wreath is simple, i took a wire hanger and "rounded" it out as best i could. dosen't need to be perfect just get the form. open out the "hook" you know what i mean the part that hangs on the rod. make it as straight as you can. again it dosen't need to be perfect. you can use ribbon or some tulle on that area. cut 4-6 inch strips of tulle about an inch wide. just enough to tie the strips onto the hanger. i tied two knots, make them tight but not so tight you can't move them. keep adding the strips until you get the fullness you desire. once you have the fullness do a little trimming if you think the pieces long.embellish with a little gliiter (the pink wreath has little dots of glitter) flowers, ribbons on little picks like the valentine wreath. you can shape the wire into a heart like the blue one (this one is just about finished).
enjoy. should you be inspired by this project let me know. i would love to see what you have created.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Random PINKS

how are you all? here in jersey we've been under a cold spell. but, mother nature gave us a break the past few days its been in the high 40's. i have a few days off from work. my plans are simple, junkin' and craftin'. my junkin' jig starts today. i plan on hitting all my favorite spots. sunday & monday i'll be finishing up a few projects and creating new ones.
pink saturday is here and i've missed several weeks of sharing. i hope to soon get back on a regular blogging schedule. i'm posting a lot of random PINKies today. a few valentine goodies, a vintage pink bowl, a vignette from my bathroom and the blessed mother. the blessed mother statue was made by my great aunt. she was an amazing artist. i will be blogging about her soon, she really was a great inspiration to me. enjoy all the pink today, please visit beverly she really does an outstanding job managing all the PINK.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

cold weather and crafting

i've enjoyed myself the past two weeks. family visits, parties and quiet time at home. time to myself was a perfect ending to the holiday season. so, i locked myself in the craftroom this past weekend, to escape the the winter CHILL burrrrrr!. i love the little space i use in the laundry room. the washer & dryer get a corner and the rest is all mine. it's a win, win situation all my stuff  just "THERE" waiting on me, day in and day out. i don't need to clean up when i'm done, just CLOSE the door. when the rest of the family enters the room to do laundry they get to see all my crazy creations. and, i think they're better off for having done so. hehee.  maybe we can finish this room over the winter. it didn't make the top 10 list after the remodeling project. it's kind of primitive in there now. a few cabinets, dressers and a portable table. it works for now!
i found this neat metal shoe a few years ago at marshalls. embellishing it took some time but, i love how the little nesting bird turned out. the tags are from my new cricut machine my daughter gave me for christmas. (love it) the bird is a left over christmas ornament, some vintage buttons, lace and sheet music give pinkie all the comforts of home. i have a few more goodies to finish up and will be posting them soon. maybe the creative brain cells move quicker when it's 27 degress out.