Sunday, January 17, 2010

tulle wreath project

i have a little project to share with you should you feel like crafting. this wreath is simple, i took a wire hanger and "rounded" it out as best i could. dosen't need to be perfect just get the form. open out the "hook" you know what i mean the part that hangs on the rod. make it as straight as you can. again it dosen't need to be perfect. you can use ribbon or some tulle on that area. cut 4-6 inch strips of tulle about an inch wide. just enough to tie the strips onto the hanger. i tied two knots, make them tight but not so tight you can't move them. keep adding the strips until you get the fullness you desire. once you have the fullness do a little trimming if you think the pieces long.embellish with a little gliiter (the pink wreath has little dots of glitter) flowers, ribbons on little picks like the valentine wreath. you can shape the wire into a heart like the blue one (this one is just about finished).
enjoy. should you be inspired by this project let me know. i would love to see what you have created.


Elyse said...

hi marie!

so pretty and fluffy!

happy 2010!



Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been wanting a wreath in my shabby room. Now I know I can make one. hurrah!
Your's are all lovely!