Wednesday, March 24, 2010


you know when you've just had enough. you know when fueses are popping internally. i've been on a downward turn for about a month now. just life. i haven't been up for blogging, i've been visiting but, not posting. about two weeks ago my co-worker had a little melt down. she directed her frustation and anger at me. yup, insulted me. i then had to defend myself, i choose to be very stern and strong. her melt down happened during a meeting with the boss and my other co-workers. the boss thought i was in the right.ok, now that's a first! the co-woker did apologize to me. i'm doing my best to get along with her but i'm reserved.each day is a task in the office dealing with this co-worker's personality. the lord will show me, is what i pray.
this past week we had a lot of rain. buckets of it everywhere. where does the rain go once it's filled the sump pump? this is not a trick question. one would say the pump turns on and pumps all that nasty rain water out to the sewer. and you would be correct with that answer.  not here at 49 stratford dr brick, nj. our pump never turned on. now say oh @@##.!! when i came home from work (a week ago this past monday) i noticed water on the floor in the bathroom. i knew right away that wasn't a good thing. i opened the door where the pump is located and found more water. the pump backed up onto the new carpet and into the laundry room. at 1:30 a.m. we had another misfire of the sump pump, again it backed up onto more areas of the newly remodeled family room. uggg! i've had enough. i know it's just a season and this to shall pass. i'm keeping my faith. god's blessings are washing over me. we are waiting for the insurance adjuster to do his adjusting thing, we are getting estimates for the repairs. we just have to wait this could have been worse, thank god it wasn't. NOW ONTO THE PART THAT GETS FUN!
i know some of you may have seen the lovely altered & beautifully embellished dress forms all over the internet. they are simply stunning. i was very inspired the first time i spotted one. keeping the project in the back of my mind for about two years. i put my hands on all my goodies that i planned on using for my lovely lady and she began to grow. before the sump pump back up downstairs happened and a little after my dear friend chris passed away i "birthed" her. although i haven't touched her in two weeks i'll give you all a peek at what's cooking. i've done major altering, pieces of this, bits of that, sewing, gluing, pinning, poking i love the way she is coming to life. i do plan on adding her to my web site, i will keep her standing guard at my booth, we are about to enter the busy season at Treasures By the Sea, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. i hope my lady finds a home!!. you all take care. keep me in you prayers. thank you!


Elyse said...

sorry to hear you're having some of those days. when it rains, it pours, right? i hear you on the basement. i walked downstairs with my slippers last night right into a PUDDLE from the stream of water. ugh.

let's hope that the spring sun with be shining soon. hang in there, 'kay?


have a kohr bros. for me! :)

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

O dear!! I feel for you!! I have a hard time working with my other full time co worker. Every time he ( male nurse) opens his mouth, I can throw up!! And water problem??? We have plastic pipes in our little townhouse. Can I tell you how many times our pipes have burst and how many times I have replaced my Dining Room ceiling which is directly beneath the upstairs bathroom?? Our plumber has become a personal friend!! I am sure we are supporting him!!
Your lovely lady is lovely beyond belief!! She is such a beauty!!I have 2 mannequinns but nothing as beautiful as yours! One is wearing my wedding gown!!
Point Pleasant is only about a 3 hour ride from my house!! Maybe a summer visit?????

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Marie Sweetie...
Hi, I am your newest follower. I was so tickled to see a list of possible attendees for the April 17th tea in Mt. Airy, MD. I love meeting new people, and believe it or not I am flying all the way from Phoenix for this tea. Marydon @ Blushing Rose is someone I have wanted to meet forever. Such a beautiful lady. I am always wanting to meet new friends that love to craft and share. I adore your lady mannequin. I too have been searching for one to remake into a friend for me. One that I can add to, change, oh what fun she will be.

I know how you feel about work sweetie. Mine is another issue, I am the only woman with a boss that pays me less than all of the men, but we all do the same job. The exact same job. It is frustrating. I am taking it one day at a time. I have been there for 18 years though and it can be frustrating. So yep, I know how you feel. Just in another way.

I think this day out with the girls is just what the Dr. ordered sweetie. You would have a lovely time. I pray you will come. I would love to meet you. I will be staying with Marydon, so I don't have to travel, but I do know that she has extra rooms for anyone that would like to stay over. I don't know what your travel time would be for the trip, but please consider it.

Please stop by and say hi. I would so love to have you visit. I would be honored if you chose to follow my blog as well. I was born in Charelston, S.C. my Daddy was military. We moved back to Oklahoma to be by family after he got out of the service, and my DH (of 35 years)and I moved out to Phoenix about 25 years ago. I love it here. I can't wait to see the Ocean again though. So beautiful in your part of the world. I have always called it God's Country back there.

Have a beautiful week sweetie. Country hugs...Sherry

vintagesue said...

hang in there marie....i have days like yours all the what can you do...just blog when you are up to it and we'll come visit.
i remember my parents have tons of sump pump problems when i was a kid. it never worked right. the next door neighbors called it a stump pump. they were from west parents could laugh off the mess sometimes when they talked about the stump pump. i'm rambling.
you hang in there!!!!!
take care