Sunday, November 7, 2010

As I move into the new season of my life...

I have to step away from blogging & all that makes my heart sing. I'm not sure how long I will be on this sabbatical. I've closed my booth space, packed away all my projects and, I'm not looking at my craft room with the same desire I once had. This is due to some serious marriage issues, returning to work full time and the pressures of the "real world", the grown up world that sucks the life out of you!! I can't do it all. I have done my best! It's all in the LORD'S hands now. I have enjoyed my journey blogging. The creative talent that has blessed so many leaves me in awe each time I find a new blog! I've said it before I enjoy visiting and reading the blogs more then I do posting. So, as I move fore ward faced with much uncertainty I know I can step back into this WORLD!! A place where I can relate, a place I understand more then the grown up world. Please keep me in your prayers! My next journey in life will not have much glitter, glue, paint or paper. But, I will have the Lord and the opportunity to someday return to creating and blogging.
Much thanks and love