Monday, August 24, 2009

Time really has a way of getting away from me. We have been under construction (basement project) since June 29th. The walls are up with sheet rock on them. The doors will be hung, walls will be painted and the final electric and plumbing inspections will be next week. Dare I say it's just about done. Well, the storage pod in the driveway will need to be cleaned out. That will be at least a month long project. Where will all that stuff go? The garage is packed to the rafters. I need to carve out a work shop somewhere after all I haven't worked on a project just about all summer. Yesterday I opened the doors on the pod just to get a look at all my stuff, I needed to connect, boy I miss all that junk. I will post all the before and after pictures when we get to a more stable scene downstairs. I have some before pics on the two before this one.